How to Manage all Media in WordPress

How to Manage all Media in WordPress

Hello everyone, and in this continuous series of WordPress, we will now see on how we can manage media library in WordPress.

Lets us understand what is media library.

In simple words, Media library is a place which will allow you to store all your images, videos, audios, documents, etc.
This stored files can then be used within your posts and pages.
It is just like, having a Gallery or file manager on a phone, which gives you access to all the photos, videos, and other documents when you need them.
However, here it is known as Media for WordPress,

So let us understand how to Manage Media within WordPress.

The tool, Media has further two options:
1. Library
2. Add new

Let us understand these two tabs in detail.
Starting with the simple one first.

Add new:

Once you click on this option, you will land upon a page which will be something like below.

You can drag and drop or upload all the files, that you need to work on in advance.
This will allow you to use these Media within the new post or page that you will create.
Simple as a piece of cake

Library (Interface / Gallery)

This is the place where you will see the list of all the uploaded files.
Let us see what all options do we have here.

Add New:

This is another place, which will allow you to add your Project files.

Media/Library View:

WordPress CMS, allows you to view your Media library in two unique ways.
List view and Icon View.

If you select the first Icon, your library style will change to list style with additional details on the right side.
The other option will allow you to view the Media Gallary in Box style.

List style
Box style

All Media Items:

This is basically a filter, which will allow you to sort out the Files or documents as per their types.

If you want to analyze all the files of WordPress as per their type, then this option will help you out.


This will help you to filter all the documents as per dates.


Oh, This one is just a plugin that I use in order to compress the file size.
I will surely write a blog on Smush as well.
You will be able to see this option only if you have installed this Plugin.

Bulk action:

This will allow you to take bulk action.
Once you click on that you will be able to select the images which you want to delete in bulk.

Search Option:

This will allow you to search any file, as per their name.

And this all about the Media library in WordPress.

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