How to Create a Page in WordPress

How to Create a Page in Wordpress

Hi there, and welcome to the WordPress tutorial series, where I will guide you on the basics of starting up with your WordPress press site. Over here, we will discuss how to create a page in WordPress

Common examples of Pages can be as below.
Home Page
►About us or About me Page
►Contact us Page
►Privacy Page
►Terms and Conditions Page.

The common difference between Page and Post in WordPress is that Pages are more static in nature. To more about this, check out my blog

So let us start on How to Create a Page in WordPress

First, you will have to log in to your WordPress dashboard.

wordpress login page

There are two ways on How to create a Page in WordPress:

►Classic way
►Advanced way
Well this is just the way, I wanna ease it out for you guys

Classic way.

On the left-hand side, you will see the WordPress toolbar.
From here, you will see an Option which will say: Pages.

how to add page on wordpress

Click on it and then you will land on the page which looks something like this.

Interface of WordPress page explained

On top of the screen, you will see some filters that will allow you to organise your page in a much easier way if you are having a lot of pages.

If in case you are unable to see any option, you can always go to screen options on the top of the screen and check the box to see it with the Add new page

In order to add a new page to your WordPress site, here we will need to click on Add New.

How to add new page on wordpress

After this, you will need to add the title of the page and the content of the page.

Example of page on wordpress

For example, just to give you an example, I will create an about us page.
So my title will be about us.
And below I will write my content or add content in the body.

how to publish a page on WordPress

After you are done, creating the About Us page.
You will need to click on Publish.
And your Page will be created and published
This may not show it to your site until you add it to your menu

The created page is still an orphan page and needs to be wired within the menu

You may even choose to Preview your page before you publish it live on your website.

How to preview page before publishing

Advanced way:

In a classic way, we added a new page to your site using the left side toolbar.
There is another short cut way to add a page to your WordPress site.

While you are on the dashboard of the WordPress Admin area.
On the top, you will see another toolbar.
Over here you will see an option of + NEW.

This option will allow you to not only add new page but also new post, media or user to your WordPress site.

Just over on this option, 

And you will see the option in the dropdown: Post, Media, Page and User.
Select on-page and you should then create a page on WordPress.

So this is how you create a page on WordPress.

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