How to Deactivate and Delete Any Plugin in WordPress

Deactivate and Delete Any Plugin in WordPress

Welcome to the WordPress Tutorial Series, where we will cover all the basic topics on how to start a WordPress Blog.
Previously we learned how to install and upload a plugin for your WordPress website.
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In this blog, we will learn, how to Deactivate and Delete Any Plugin in WordPress

Considering that you are new in this blogging world, and while experiments different Plugins, you might have tried to install a lot of them on test and trial basis.
One of the reasons you might have done is to understand how a particular plugin works.
Trust me, I have been at your place once, and tried a lot of plugins to understand them.

Another possibility is that at the start you might have downloaded a lot of plugins due to friends or forums recommendation and later you realized that you do not need them all.

So we will now understand how to deactivate and delete any plugin in WordPress.
You also have an option to deactivate a particular plugin temporarily.

How to Delete a plugin in WordPress.

In order to delete a particular plugin, you will need to first login to your WordPress admin panel.
After this, you will need to go to the plugin tab and choose Installed Plugin
Plugin>Installed Plugin

This way you will be able to see the list of all plugins that are already installed.

Just to show you an example of how to delete a plugin.
I will go ahead and delete the plugin: Google XML Sitemaps

As you can see here, It is only giving me the option to Deactivate, and it doesn’t give me the option to delete Directly.

Most of the people get panic here.
Before you delete any plugin you will need to first deactivate the plugin.
After you have deactivated any plugin, only then it will allow you to delete any plugin.

I know many people getting in touch with Quora and other online forums, claiming that they are unable to delete the plugin.
Later they realize, they are trying to delete it without deactivating it.

So let’s go ahead and delete this plugin.

First I will go ahead and click on deactivate.
Simply click on Deactivate and it will be deactivated.
Please note that if you deactivate any plugin, all the features of that plugin will also be deactivated. 

After this, that particular plugin is deactivated you should see two options like below.

Activate and delete.

Activate: if you choose this option, your plugin will be activated once again.
Delete: If you choose this option your plugin will be deleted permanently. 

There are two ways to delete a Plugin in WordPress.

1. Delete Single Plugin at a time.
2. Bulk deletion of Plugin.

1st way: Delete Single Plugin at a time.

Very Simple, You can just ahead and delete the plugin.
It is one of the most simple and easiest ways to delete a plugin in WordPress.

2nd way: Bulk deletion of Plugin.

This is for you if you want to delete multiple Plugins at once.
All you need to do is select all the unwanted Plugins, by ticking on checkboxes.
After that, go to the bulk action menu on the top of the screen.
Deactivate the Plugins(If not done already) and delete them all at once.

And this is how to Deactivate and Delete Any Plugin in WordPress

You can also use the Bulk Action Option to Activate, Deactivate or Update multiple Plugin at once.

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