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Free Ebooks on digital marketing

This lockdown is the best time to build your Digital marketing skills with 8 Free Ebooks on developing your digital marketing skills. So download Free E-Books on Digital Marketing and get started.

This free books are on topics like, SEO, Affiliate Markerketing, Blogging and much more…
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So lets get started and download these Free Digital Marketing E-Books

1. Affiliate Marketing

Download Affiliate marketing Ebook

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals

Affiliates are allowed to advertise their affiliate links through most channels available in online marketing, including search engine ads. In this case, an affiliate could create a search engine ad as a part of affiliate promotion. For example, Google AdWords can be used to create search engine ads for Google or YouTube. The affiliate would be in charge of campaign settings, as well as campaign goals, keywords, targeting, scheduling, etc. Through the affiliate link in the ad it is possible to track the conversions back to the affiliate who promoted the link using search engine ads. 

2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Download SEO: Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals

SEO: Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process or science (and sometimes an art in itself) of maximizing the visibility of websites in search engines, in the results they generate and getting the optimum level of relevant traffic directed to one’s site, thus the word optimization is used. This involves a lot more than one would have guessed, from the way that a site is structured, the manner in which it connects to other websites, to the words used in the main areas of the website.

3. Web Analytics

Download Introduction to Web Analytics: Web Analytics Fundamentals

Introduction to Web Analytics: Web Analytics Fundamentals

This book is going to help you understand the language of internet activity,and how to use different techniques, in order to improve your website’s performance and thus your business.Although web analytics is technical area, we will explore different aspect of this topic in order to establish its importance in the modern business world. Lastly, we will be looking at the relationship between e-commerce and web analytics and why in today’s business environment it is
essential to involve web analytics in understanding one’s business, making the right decisions and measuring the effectiveness of those decisions

4. Search Engine Marketing

Download Search Engine Marketing: Search Engine Marketing Fundamentals

Search Engine Marketing Fundamentals

SEM Free E-Books on Digital Marketing, or to use a shorter phrase, search marketing, is defined as a series of actions that are aimed at increasing visibility of a website in the search engines through both paid and free processes. The main goal of these processes is to increase the visibility of a website and gain traffic, in order to increase sales and conversions. Search engine marketing should be an inseparable segment of the marketing department in a company, as it can significantly promote a company, as well as collect relevant data about the customers, which helps with market analysis.

5. E-Commerce

Download E-Commerce: E-Commerce Fundamentals

E-Commerce: E-Commerce Fundamentals

Buyers and sellers together make up e-commerce, short for electronic commerce. E-commerce is the transaction between a buyer and a seller, which is done through online technologies. It is the process of using the internet to buy or sell online. 12 Despite the fact that e-commerce is something available to anyone and in spite of how easy it might be to start selling products and services online, there are many struggles to make this business viable and actually capitalize your efforts in the digital world. As the market gets saturated, day by day, it becomes even more difficult to place your products on market.

6. Online Marketing

Download Online Marketing: Online Marketing Fundamentals

Online Marketing: Online Marketing Fundamentals

It is a necessity. In a world where e-commerce has become the single biggest reason for businesses to build an online presence, the need to market products and services online is paramount. However, it should be remembered at all times that the internet is a product of modernization and change. For this reason, it does not take long for new trends and shifts to materialize.
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7. Content marketing

Download Content Marketing: Content Marketing Fundamentals

Content Marketing: Content Marketing Fundamentals

It is a type of marketing focused on creation and distribution of online materials that directly or indirectly promote a brand. Direct promotion refers to the creation of promotional materials and content used for advertising purposes. This type of content is usually used in paid ads (SEM) or affiliate links (affiliate marketing). On the other hand, content marketing is frequently void of any direct promotion. The purpose of this kind of content is simply to increase interest in your products or services. This way, content marketing indirectly attracts and acquires leads and customers.

8. Blogging

Download Content Marketing: Content Marketing Fundamentals

Content Marketing: Content Marketing Fundamentals

Most companies have one goal in common – reach online users. Due to the massive popularity of blogging and due to one particular search engine update by Google, called Panda (you can read more information on “Panda” later in this book), they have started to realize that blogging has to be taken to an entirely new level. Benefits of blogging are evident, but the craft (or better yet, art) of blogging is what evolved so much over the past years, that companies are focusing a lot of their efforts creating and managing content marketing strategy through blogging. Highly recommended Free E-Books on Digital Marketing

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